Placement Recruitment

Hassle Free Hiring

PMC utilizes many tools in order to recruit high quality candidates to fill your positions. Our candidates are pre-screened, fully vetted and a complete background check is performed before submitting the candidate. PMC will be your employer of record for the time the candidate is at your establishment. we offer multiple options for you to hire the best candidate for your team!

  How much does it really cost to hire an employee?

The cost of simply finding the right person to hire can be more than you think. It can cost over $4000 to hire a new employee using the model to the right. Of course, we can’t eliminate a starting salary, but we can eliminate the hassle and headache of screening, testing, advertising, and reference checking. 

  It all comes down to time:

       -time away from making money

       -time away from taking care of your customers

       -time away from running your business. 

We make hiring easier. With our pre-employment testing and screening already done, once you place a job order, our qualified candidates are ready to interview. Don’t you want to spend your time making money? Keep your focus on generating revenue, and let us find the right employee for you. You pay no fees until we place someone. 

We make hiring easier.

Consider this model: (assuming new employee makes $15/hour)

Tasks                                                        Cost

Classified ad for one week                                         $150 (min.)

Screening applicant information                               $500 (min.)

Time Spent Interviewing                                                  $400

Testing                                                                               $150

Initial paperwork after hire                                       $1000 (min.)

Two weeks salary + payroll processing                   $1200 (min.)

Training and supervision during training                 $600 (min.)

TOTAL = OVER $4000